Rainboy & Wonderlad

A children's book on emotions for adults.

Rainboy & Wonderlad came from the sky, careening through the heavens until collided with the Planet. They woke up the next morning alone in the world but with resolve of their mission. They would reach the Sun. There are many obstacles between here and the Sun, though, and the boys must encounter them all. They will journey across the Bog and the Desert, the Ocean and the Storm. They will learn the seductive pull of stagnation and self-defeat, how to stand up with your shoulders back, and how to aim toward paradise while focusing on the moment. They will learn the difference between running toward the Sun and away from the night.

The Bog

Volume 1 of Rainboy & Wonderlad
The boys enter a Bog of stagnation. They run headlong in trying to free the creatures trapped in the Bog, and they come face to face with the tragedy of those who refuse to be saved. Not only that, but the Bog seems intent on swallowing them too!